My FOOA trip is cancelled

A while ago I started a campaign to visit the Future of Online advertising conference in New York. Since then I’ve been constantly talking to possible sponsors locally to see what they can mean to me.

The main problem I was having is that this was on too short of a notice to have funds made available to me. Since time is short, I have to cancel the trip.

A detailed post on the lessons I’ve learned from this project can be found on Blogging Notes.

Next time, better luck? No, next time, better preparation.

Words of thanks

  • I need to thank Nathan Metzger for helping me out with getting the ChipIn widget.
  • Then there are also people like Andrew Kuo, who tried hard to help me to get ways to receive donations online.
  • Rafiek is one of the very few who did make the effort of donating.
  • Thanks to Matt Coddington who included a link to my project in last week’s top links without me asking for it.
  • Thanks to Darren Rowse for providing the free pass to the conference and an opportunity to spread the word.
  • Thanks to everyone who, in any way, showed their support. If I don’t get to reward you for your good intentions, I’m positive that nature will.

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