Upgrading to WordPress 2.2

I’ll be upgrading to WordPress 2.2, the latest version that was released today. The announcement came about 2 hours ago in the WordPress blog, so it popped up on your Admin Dashboard. David Pitlyuk brought it to my attention.

If you see strange things happening on my blog or in my feed, please be patient, it may be caused by the upgrade. I’ll write an update of the upgrade, so you will know when I’m finished. If strange things happen after that, we all can start to call the police.

Wish me luck (on this super slow connection)!


  1. Dave says:

    Good luck on the upgrade, and thanks for the mention :)

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  3. Pipe Smoking says:

    I’ll be holding off on the upgrade until I know it’s safe. Last time I was scurry-ing around trying to upgrade because the source was hacked. I learned my lesson ;)

  4. Rehuël says:

    Well, they need guinea pigs, so I’ll just be one :D

    No problems whatsoever to this point. I only need to get used to having the preview in a separate window while writing a post.