Project: Get Rehuel to FOOA

I’ve been thinking about the Future of Online Advertising Conference the whole day. In a previous article I wrote about how ecstatic I was when I got a $995 ticket for free. The thought that was playing in my mind all day was that I don’t have the funds available to go to New York from Paramaribo, Suriname, South America and to take care of my expenses. The more I thought about it, the more I felt like letting this one slide.

Then I came across Wayne Hurlbert’s article Sponsorships to events: Attendence may be required. His following words really got me thinking again:

Because of money shortages, many bloggers simply don’t go to any or all of the blogging conferences they might enjoy. Instead of mentioning their financial situations, the cash strapped blogger quietly avoids the issue, and stays at home. As a result, more people than the non-attending blogger are the losers.

The bloggers who elect to remain silent about their financial status miss an opportunity to learn more about the strength of blogging. Ideas that the stay at home bloggers possess about starting, building, and enhancing an online business are not shared with others. Everyone loses as some golden information sharing opportunites are lost.

I decided to ask for sponsorship to try not to make this chance go to waste. But then other questions started arising: How would people donate to me? How will I get the money? How fast will I be able to gather $3000 – $4000 in sponsoring/donations? I am confident I could get 400 individuals to donate $10 each, but how would I get the money?

These questions come from the fact that the most used (and probably cheapest) way of sending money is via Paypal. People from Suriname can’t apply for a Paypal account, since Suriname is not listed. A similar service by Moneybookers which does allow Suriname users to have an account. But since this service seems to be used by only a few compared to Paypal, this could scare off those wishing to donate.

My offer
But these problems won’t stop me from at least trying to get the funding to go to NY. So here’s my offer:

  • I will make a detailed report of the conference and everything I learn there in an effort to share this information with my readers and their readers. I expect this information to be very valuable for growth of an online presence.
  • Since I’m planning to attend the Problogger/b5media 1 day conference in NYC the day after the conference (June 9, 2007), I’ll have an extra day worth of information to share, which I also expect to very valuable.
  • I plan to share all the details of my planning for this trip with my readers, which might give some more insight on how things work locally and in the US when visiting for conferences. This information might be as valuable as the above mentioned.

My plea
I need to raise $3000 – $4000 in a couple of weeks: $1500 – $2000 for transportation, $750 – $1000 for lodging, about $500 for food and another $500 for other expenses.

I believe that, if 300-400 people each donate $10 for the valuable information I might be able to supply, my trip to NY is a go!

What can you do?

  • Chip In: On the right in the sidebar and on the bottom of this post you see a ChipIn widget, which you can use to send me a donation via your PayPal account.
  • Donate money by sending it via Moneybookers to If you have no Moneybookers account yet, you can create one.
  • Buy advertising space on this blog.
  • Spread the word about a blogger needing the help of his fellow bloggers to get to a conference, so everyone can benefit from what he learns.
  • You can place this ChipIn widget on your site/blog, so people can still donate while reading your articles.
  • Help me to find ways to get donations

Extra offers

  • The 3 persons/blogs who gathers the most money for this project will get an image ad of 175 by 75 pixels in the top of my sidebar fo 3 months.
  • If 1 person/blog/organization can sponsor me the full amount, they will get a 486 by 60 pixels ad space on top of my content for 1 full year
  • I’ll make a special post with a link to everyone who donated.

Think about all the exposure my blog will get during my trip to NY. This might be a good way of advertising your blog/product/service.

I will keep everyone updated as much as possible on the progress of project “Get Rehuel to FOOA”.

If for any reason I don’t get to go to NY, the money that was donated to me will be send to a charity organization. So this money will either be used to send me to FOOA or for charity.

Since my blog is now link loving, write about this project in your blog for a linkback to yours. Help me to spread the word, who knows what other benefits could come from this.

Update: Thanks to Nathan Metzger of Not So Boring Life I now have a ChipIn widget to receive donations from visitors with a PayPal account. Just click the ChipIn! button to pay securely.


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