My PageRank, ReviewMe, poetry meme, affiliate sales

In the recent update of PageRanks by Google, my blogs, this one and A few good notes were promoted to PR4. You can’t imagine how happy this makes me.

In the 2 months I’ve been blogging, I managed to raise my unique daily visits to an average of 150. I hit 450 once when I tried submitting my vs. Open Office article to Digg,, Netscape and reddit. The next day I submitted my article about the different Ubuntus to the same sites and that brought me 680 unique visits. With this I was trying to get some of those many visitors to keep coming back. I did see a rise from 90 daily to 150, so who knows, maybe it worked. Or maybe it’s because my post about my real favorite blogs was mentioned on Darren Rowse’s blog.

I was delighted to see 2 messages from ReviewMe pop up telling me that both this blog and A few good notes were accepted to provide paid reviews. My rate is set to $40 at the moment, but I am more than satisfied with that. More on ReviewMe later.

Poetry Meme
I started a poetry meme on A few good notes, a blog I converted to a poetry blog. I want to use this blog to experiment a little with poetry in the blogosphere. I myself are no poet, but I admire poets and their spoken words. I will try to see how my blog can help uplift poetry, because I think this combination of art and expression is one worth cherishing.

So far the poetry meme delivered 16 poems of which I know. I decided to give these first 16 a chance to win a 2 GB USB stick, if their poem was voted the best in the Poetic Bloggers Contest, part 1. Part 1, because I expect more poems to come in and I want to give every batch a chance to win something. Maybe after a couple of contest I’ll hold a “Best of the best” contest to give an even bigger price to the winner in a contest where all the winners are entered.

If you haven’t expressed yourself through a poem yet, please check out the rules for the meme and get poetic.

Affiliate sales
If you noticed on the bottom of my posts, I’m experimenting with affiliate marketing. Every time I write an article I find a book that relates to the topic and I add an affiliate link to the book. Patience proofed to be a virtue: I made my first $1 on referral fees when one of my readers bought Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Second Edition (Beginning from Novice to Professional).

Slowly I’ll be experimenting with more ways to get more out of affiliate sales, without torturing my readers with ads.

The recent developments around my blogs have made my day. I have the feeling I’m on the right track here. I start to see benefits of the hours I spend on my blog and I love the feeling!

Yes, I’m going to try to sell you a book! What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting: Real-Life Advice from 101 People Who Successfully Leverage the Power of the Blogosphere

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