My real favorite blogs

A couple of days ago I stepped on the Technorati train, taking part in a favorites exchange. However, I deleted that post.

While I was writing the post, I had my doubts. I also stated in that post that I usually don’t partake in these kind of exchanges. However, for some reason I went ahead and spend about an hour creating that post, adding all the blogs to my favorites.

But in the days past, I have been thinking about this post constantly. Today I looked around and I noticed that I have a couple of great blogs in my feed reader that are not even faved by me in Technorati. So while I was cooking, I asked myself why I fave these blogs while there are blogs I’m reading daily, that I would not fave? I then decided to remove the post and add my real favorite blogs to Technorati.

To prove that nature has its ways, the first thing I saw when I sat down in front of my pc, was Darren Rowse’s post titled “Is Technorati Being Gamed – Do They Care? – Does it Matter?” with a link to Amit Agarwal’s Technorati Favorites: Not Worth It Anymore. I then remembered that I said once that I only link to blogs I can vouch for, blogs I trust. So why was I linking to all these blogs I didn’t know?

After looking at some of the faves, I started to wonder how long I would stay on such sites. These blogs are not worthy of my favor (hope this does not sound too arrogant). That’s why I decided to get rid of the fakes and add the real faves.

My favorites
Here is a (partial) list of blogs I have in my feed reader, and I would recommend to others without thinking twice:

Some other blogs I read are not related to this blog’s focus, but I’d recommend for nice reading:

I want to make this blog a professional one, rising to great heights. To do this, I think it’s important that my readers can trust me. That trust would be violated if I left a post here with links to sites I have never visited, or would not stand by.

So once again, my promise to my readers is that I will only link to sites and blogs I trust. In some cases I might link to a bad example, but I will make sure you know what that link is to.

If there is anyone who added me to their faves because I added them, please check if you’re still in my favorites list. If not, you are free to remove me from yours. Of course you can leave it there if you think my blog is worth your favor.

For this post I choose to link to a unrelated book: The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography (Oprah’s Book Club) by Sidney Poitier.


  1. I feel much the same about the Technorati favorite exchange. I haven’t spoken up about it because my blog is on most of the lists and I benefit from it, but I’ve decided not to atively partake in it myself.

  2. Rehuël says:

    I’m happy no one copied the list from me, taking my name along, so I could delete the post.

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  4. [...] many of you know (those who don’t know, I mentioned it in previous articles), I promised my readers to only supply links to sites I trust. I cannot expect my readers [...]

  5. Malin says:

    Since I posted a similar post on my site I have been thinking the same. I think credits should go to those who deserve it! And not give credits to a blog I will never ever visit more than once…

  6. It’s really nice to know you like to read my blog.. thanks Rehuel!

  7. Rehuël says:

    I'm happy no one copied the list from me, taking my name along, so I could delete the post.